Bull’s eye! Its still sad that millions of people fall prey for the opposite. You meditate? Well, then you are a superior being than those whose don’t meditate. You sleep only 4 hours a day? Well, congrats! You are fucking up your health in the most stupidest way possible, but hey, you are writing more code than your peers. You don’t spend time with your friends going out grabbing a bite or a drink? Who cares! They are wasting their time on mundane things and having fun while you are writing a few more lines of code!

This post was much needed. But only a handful of people write it because they don’t want to on the business end of the hate comments or the negative publicity. But then again, who cares!

Awesome post. Sharing it right away!

Coding, machine learning, reading, sleeping, listening, potato. https://blog.contactsunny.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnysrinidhi/

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