Copyleft, the opposite of copyright. In the tech industry, we have libraries which are licensed as copyleft. You branch the source code of an already existing open-sourced library, make any modifications you need, give enough credits to the other others, and call this branch your own. That’s copy in a way; copy which makes life a lot easier. Without any prejudice, all the authors invoked use and promote each others' work for the greater good. This helps the whole community.

Could the same be done without copying? Probably, with more man hours and frustration. The Ubuntu mentioned in the article also bases the open source computer operating system which goes by the same name. And its actually one of the most, if not the most, popular and widely used operating system today. And this is based on another open source system called the Linux, which most probably is powering the device you are using to read this.

What I want to say is, copying is not bad. Life would be difficult if we don’t copy. We would most definitely still be reinventing the wheel today. But don’t be a criminal when you copy. Its as simple as that. Do good and be good.

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