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Sunny Srinidhi
Coding, machine learning, reading, sleeping, listening, potato.,, and


  • Ian Oconnor

    Ian Oconnor

  • Namrata Tanwani

    Namrata Tanwani

    Curious. Curious about data, curious about its science, curious about why my dog doesn’t love me back. Usually found listening to stories humans share.

  • Sada


  • K Gilleland

    K Gilleland

  • Jeffalmin


    Reading and writing about science, computers and gaming.

  • Srinivas Ada

    Srinivas Ada

  • Shyam Sundar M

    Shyam Sundar M

  • Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor

    I’m a professional full-stack developer. I love learning new technologies and helping others learn by sharing knowledge.

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