Good thought, definitely! But in reality, not happening! I’ve been coding for over a decade, professionally for over half a decade. I’ve worked on tens of projects, microscopic APIs to enterprise level CRMs. With this very negligible experience that I have in the industry, I can tell you, a generic module written for one project will hardly work perfectly for another project. You can definitely plug it in as a dependency and somehow manage, but not without zero modification, either inside or outside that particular module.

And coding is not just a profession, its more of a passion. Most serious coders don’t do it (just) for the money, its the satisfaction with which they go to bed every night, well almost every night. There are a lot of packages which automate the decades old CRUD operations in almost any language/framework, true. But then again, how many times have you used such packages without actually mutating anything?

Anyway, you are not alone in this. Every programmer, software engineer, coder, or whatever, has gone through this phase of frustration, if I may. I completely agree with what you say, hence the like. But I can’t back you up saying that it’d work, I really don’t think so!

And good luck with your new project. Hit me up, I could help with some open source stuff. Getting a bit too much sleep these days, you see! :D

Coding, machine learning, reading, sleeping, listening, potato. and

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