I tried Code for a few weeks, it was great, the packages and all. Then, out of nowhere, one fine day, it started crashing miserably on my four-core machine. Even IntelliJ doesn’t crash on that machine. I thought it must be something else, definitely not Code — its a text editor for heaven’s sake! It started happening on a daily basis. After about a week, it hit me — this could actually be Code. So I switched back to Sublime Text and the crashing has stopped. Seems like Microsoft just can’t get anything right. And yes, on all my servers, where I don’t have a window manager installed, I use Vim as the default. Can’t beat Vim. :)

Coding, machine learning, reading, sleeping, listening, potato. https://blog.contactsunny.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnysrinidhi/

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