This is something we are all talking about today. But I still wonder about a couple of things. How do you decide if a person/kid is mature enough to choose his own courses? This has been big question mark in my head for a while now. I don’t have any kids, not sure if I’d want to either. But going back to the days of my childhood, I’d have chosen video games as my only subject. I’d probably in game development now. But that’s not the point.

You need at least some knowledge in arts, science, politics, math, and stuff like that, to make a conscious and informed decision as to what you want to major in. This is still just my opinion. And to get that knowledge, I guess you will have to complete your elementary schooling.

But I definitely agree with you that once you graduate from your high school, instead of going to college and wasting your time and money, you could select a course of your choice online and complete it, get a certificate, and then do whatever it is that you want to.

I have two degrees in electronics/embedded systems. I’m in IT now. And most of the things I work on today, it’s all self taught. I just got the basic 10% of it from my Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees. But to be completely honest, that 10% is the core of everything I’ve learned afterwards.

I feel it’s still a bit too early to take up ONLY online learning, if you care about the certificates you get from universities. This is because a lot of companies still don’t consider certificates from online education institutes as legit.

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