To be completely honest, this is not the first time or first post to touch upon these points. I’m sure (hopefully) that even you have come across more such posts on the internet. This is a useful post, if people actually make use of this.

No matter how many people put out posts like this, there’s going to be one bunch of designers, ignoring all logical reasoning behind app designing, and ruin the user experience.

The problem is not just about the design, I understand that I’m going off-topic here (because you’ve talked only about design here). But another important issue which annoys people and drives them away from your app is the constant bombarding of unwanted notifications. Just because GCM implementation is easy doesn’t mean that you push a notification for every (miniscule) event. I can’t even count the number of apps I’ve uninstalled because of this reason.

Anyway, I believe the significance of design of an app is unfortunately underestimated, mostly. There are brilliantly designed apps which use the screen real estate so wisely and beautifully that you just want to have the app running on you QHD display always. And there are apps at the opposite side of the spectrum.

I hope designers start looking at design from the user-experience perspective as well. That could only do good!

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